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March 11, 2014 07:25 AM CDT

2014 Spring Newsletter

Main body

Author: NL_Admin. 249 Reads
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Wisconsin Geocaching Association

Spring Newsletter - 2014



Letter from the President

The ice and snow still blankets Wisconsin as we go into the second week of March. Great news for those hardy geocachers has been out working on those 5 Terrain rating caches safely. Most years, there is a small window to walk the ice but our record breaking cold has extended out the hard water season.  I hope you had a chance to get out and collect your adventures.

The WGA State Park Geocache Challenge began last year with the goal of placing 46 caches throughout the state park system. We have been working with the WDNR to secure placement and permissions in the parks and as always our great group of members has offered to hide, maintain and work as contacts with the parks in setting up these geocaches. All state park geocaches now have Trail Bosses and the last few are waiting for a break in the weather for placement. The WGA Rock Island State Park cache should be the last hidden on Memorial Day weekend after the ferry resumes operation for the year. Try to make this series a Must Do part of your caching this year. How many different parks can you visit this year?

Groundspeak continues to try out new programs this year.  In February, Premium members were able to develop their own personal Lab Caches. The newest WGA newsletter will have a few short stories from our members who have completed these special new cache types. The end of March and early April brings the chance to attend or host a Makers Madness Event and earn a new souvenir badge. These worldwide events will celebrate geocache creation and to inspire the next generation of geocache makers. Look for those events to pop up in your area March 28 – April 7. We will also post a list of Wisconsin Maker Madness events on the WGA website.

The newest program we are excited to start up this year will be GeoMentor. We think helping out newer geocachers in the state with hands-on training is a good thing and a great step towards keeping geocaching strong in Wisconsin. This program will be led by volunteer members of the WGA and credit goes to Bill (Mr. Greenthumb) Taves for the inspiration. As more develops, we will let you know so check the WGA website for updates. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact a WGA Director.

As you can see, 2014 is shaping up to be a fun and adventurous year. I look forward to seeing you out on the geotrails!

Chris Walker, WGA President


It’s Chili at the Beach!

On February 22nd caching teams gathered from around the state for a day at the beach!  GC4W4GX was held at the Bay Beach Environmental Center in Green Bay. Unfortunately, the swimming suits, beach towels and sun screen had to be left at home since it is February in Wisconsin.  But everyone bundled up to enjoy a toasty warm fire and feeding the local fowl.  This is a great location and many enjoyed the amenities and the preserve.   

For those brave enough to be in possession of some dry corn there were hundreds, possibly thousands, of ducks to come and greet them.  The children (and the young at heart) got to enjoy the nature displays and even slide down into a people-sized beaver dam. 


When the air got a little chilly geocachers could warm up around the bonfire.  Bartrod and Averith kept the blaze going to warm up frosty fingers and toes.  Inside our members were able to munch on chili, hot dogs, and other treats brought by our members. 

And when all of this had thoroughly been explored there’s always the geo-chatting.  Geocachers were able to socialize with other WGA members from all around the state, greeting old friends and meeting new ones.  Thank you to all who attended the event! 

LCG Event - Frozen Mosquito

 Saturday, February 1st, brought 31 cache teams to Mosquito Hill Nature Center near New London to celebrate another successful year of hunting "Lonelies" and rescuing caches.

Several attendees enjoyed the new caches placed by Woodland3000 and suziesumac, whether they drove or snowshoed to them! Our thanks to the ladies for volunteering to help host this annual WGA Event.

Socializing began at 1 PM, with awards and door prizes given out before 3 PM. The Top 10 players are as follows:

1) isjustus4 2) f1rebirds 3) Lacknothing 4) Hitman4 5) scott543 6) huffinpuffin2 7) rattledbox 8) Jomusky 9) jar42 10) Farklers

The WGA would like to thank all that attended, as well as the 68 cache teams that participated in 2013 to help keep quality caches in Wisconsin!



Your 2014 Board of Directors


In February the WGA members voted on their new Board of Directors.  A big thank you to all who ran for the Board of Directors, we appreciate your willingness to serve.  This year Peter Quella/Labrat_wr and Rob England/Averith were re-elected.  New to the board this year are August Hopp/Kungfuhippie, Steve Biederman/CommanderUSN and Valarie Butrymowicz/Sweetlife.  With a dynamic team like this, you can expect a great year for the WGA for 2014!

This year’s annual WGA Board of Director’s meeting was held on February 23rd.  The officers were elected as followed:

·         President – Chris Walker/Walking Adventure

·         Vice-President - Peter Quella/Labrat_wr

·         Treasurer – Renee Vaneslow-Tapp/AuntieNae

·         Secretary – Becca Lillo/beccaday

A huge thank you to our outgoing Board of Directors Brian Kling/Team Black-Cat, Jim Bliefnick/JimandLinda, and Lisa Daniels/Curly Girls.  Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.

Get to know your Board of Directors

2014 Spring Campout


Soon the snow will be melting (or at least we hope!) and it will be time to dust off that camping gear and head to the middle of the state for the annual WGA campout.  This year’s campout will be held at Mirror Lake State Park just outside of Wisconsin Dells.  With the sandstone rock formations and beautiful, clear lake we will be in for a real treat.  The campout will be held May 9th-11th, which is Mother’s Day weekend.  Attending the WGA campout could be a great way to spend some quality family time together with your mothers! 


From the Wisconsin DNR:  “This park is named for its centerpiece, a lake which often is so calm that not a ripple marks its surface. The lake reflects a wooded shoreline with cliffs up to 50 feet high, a swimming beach, and wetlands that are home to a variety of wildlife. The park's 2,200 acres includes several picnic areas, wooded campsites, summer rentals, and a cabin for people with disabilities.”

Watch the cache page for additional activities to keep us all busy throughout the weekend.  The WGA will be hosting games, contests and children’s activities.  And of course, there will be plenty of geocaches to go out and hunt!  There are currently 7 geocaches in the park, watch out for new ones placed for the event. 

The WGA has reserved group campsites so that geocachers can be close by for swapping stories or teaming up to go out caching.  In the evenings there will be a bonfire, perfect for s’mores and geo-chatting. 

 On Sunday morning the WGA will be hosting the traditional pancake breakfast.  Fuel up for another day of caching with delicious pancakes hot off the grill.  Maybe you’ll even get a smiley face pancake!  Of course we’ll also have coffee and other beverages to help you wake up. 

Can you help?  They say many hands make light work so we are looking for members to help out.  If you can lend the WGA a hand to make this event happen please send a PM to any board member or post on the cache page.  Any help, big or small, would be appreciated.  Thank you!

CITO - Cache In Trash Out

While we are still experiencing very cold temperatures here in Wisconsin, we know that eventually it will warm up and the snow will melt.  All that trash that blew around all winter and got covered by snow will be out in the open.  As geocachers we can help do our part to keep our environment clean.  Consider bringing a bag with you when you’re geocaching for picking up trash. 

The WGA participates in the state’s Adopt-A-Highway program.  Our stretch of highway on US Hwy 10 needs some attention.  The WGA will be hosting a CITO event to clean up and keep our part of Wisconsin roads clean.  So lace up your boots, grab a pair of gloves and head on over.  The CITO will be April 26th.  Watch for more details!

Are you interested in hosting your own CITO?  The Wisconsin Geocaching Association would like to promote CITO practices in our great state.  The WGA has funds available to give out to members hosting their own CITO events around the state.  If you are interested in receiving funds from the WGA for your CITO, please contact any board member for more details.

Helping Hands

The WGA has many different projects going on all over the state, serving our mission:

“The Wisconsin Geocaching Association (WGA) is a group of geocachers dedicated to promoting and protecting geocaching within the state of Wisconsin. The WGA organizes geocaching events, works with land owners/managers on geocaching policies, educates the public at large about geocaching, and facilitates communication between WGA members.”

As you can imagine, there are many tasks to be done.  Any help from our members is greatly appreciated!  Are you able to teach Geo 101 events in your area?  Are you able to help with set-up or clean-up at events?  Can you help with our website?  Can you host a CITO?  Can you lead an activity at a WGA event?  Consider sharing your time and talents with the WGA.  If you have any ideas or time to offer, please post in the forums or contact any board member by PM. 

A big “Thank you!” to all of our members that are currently helping or have helped in the past.  We couldn’t have done it without you!


Copyright © by Wisconsin Geocaching Association
All Right Reserved.

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