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June 10, 2013 08:56 PM CDT

Traveling Abroad

by Lacknothing

Author: NL_Admin. 130 Reads
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What do Taiwan, Russia, China, Ukraine, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Germany and Burkina Faso have in common?  Yes – they are each a country.  No – they do not share a common language.  Yes – they are on several different continents.  No – they are not the top 13 tourist destinations in this world. 


Give up?  Yes – each of these countries has at least one geocache hidden!  Actually, many are quite populated with caches.


Yes – the Lacknothing team loves to travel and yes, we have found at least one geocaches in the countries listed above.  We began our international caching career back in 2008 in the country of England a/k/a the United Kingdom.  We spent several days in London and our first find ever while abroad was The South Bank Lion (GC1BEM6) – now archived.  The cache description included a little history – which we both love.  It was located in a very high muggle area and we were a bit nervous, but soon realized that no one was paying any attention to us!  We made the find!  During this very same trip, we picked up our first “international” travel bug (Hayley’s Little Bear) and brought it back to Wisconsin.  Our favorite cache of this trip was a cache named Meridian (GCZAYZ) – it was fun watching our GPS coordinates zero out!


Later in 2008 Mr. Lacknothing had a business trip to China.  I suggested to him that we needed to put China on our geocaching map.  He was a bit hesitant, wondering what it might look like in China to be poking your head in trees and other places that geocaches might be hidden.  I finally convinced him that he probably would not be arrested.  I had checked the map and there seemed to be a good number of caches there.  He had some interesting adventures and felt very white.  Probably the funniest find in China was Body & Soul Yoga (GC1H4DW).


While on a mission trip to Burkina Faso, Africa back in 2011 – I was convinced that I was going to get the one active cache (at that time) in the country.  Luckily, I did manage to get somewhat close.  It was a four mile walk round trip, but I set out early one morning determined.  Arrived at the location of GZ and scratched my head.  It appeared to be behind a walled area and in between the cache and me was a security guard.  He looked at me rather oddly, I am sure wondering what I was doing standing there at 7:30 in the morning.  I tried to speak French to him, but turns out he only spoke Jula.  I speak NO Jula – so I had to resort to an interesting sort of sign language, but after a couple of minutes he understood exactly what I was looking for and he pointed to an area on the side of the wall where I needed to be and let me pass.  Two minutes later, I had the cache in hand!


Oh the places we have been.  We have done earthcaches in Indonesia among volcanoes (GC2VH0Y),  in Malaysia among the monkeys of Batu Caves (GC1NAJH), in China among petrified wood (GC1RHYW), in Russia in a glacial area (GC2W1YW) and in the low lands of Netherlands (GC1WHTP).  We have done virtual caches in the Netherlands (GCKPYT), China (GCA209), the twin towers of KL in Malaysia (GC9FDB) and the top of the Madras in Jakarta, Indonesia (GC61B2).  We have done a puzzle cache and multicache in Taiwan and of course, countless traditional caches in the countries listed above.


The beauty of geocaching while traveling abroad is that it will take you to places you may have never visited and give you the opportunity to learn things you may have never learned.  Not knowing the language need not be a barrier at all – even if the cache page is in another language – Google translate will handle all of your translating needs.  Morocco is the country we are hoping to add next as I will be traveling there in January of 2014.  Who knows – maybe one or the other of us can sneak in another country before then!  Until then – bon voyage (I will be back in Burkina Faso in October)!

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All Right Reserved.

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