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WGA Board of Directors Election Results More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Organization News
labrat_wr writes:  

The results are in!

The 430 votes from 117 members that were cast in the 2013 WGA Board of Directors election, which ended Sunday February 10, 2013), have been counted and certified. The following individuals have been elected to the Board:

2 YEAR TERMS (Ends February 2015)
Renee Vanselow-Tapp
Barry Butrymowicz
Rebecca Lillo
Chris Walker


Election Details

These individuals will join or re-join current Board members Jim Bliefnick, Brian Kling, Peter Quella, Rob England, and Lisa Daniels to form the 2012 WGA Board.

Note that per our bylaws, WGA officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) are not directly elected and instead are Board members that are selected and confirmed by the Board itself. Selection of officers should occur during the BOD meeting at the end of February.

The WGA would like to thank all the candidates who decided to run for the Board this year. All of the candidates were well qualified to serve on the Board and all would have done a great job and been an asset to the organization if elected. They all invested significant time and effort into running by explaining their viewpoints, describing their background, and answering questions in the Candidates Corner forum so that members could make an informed decision when it came time to vote.

Also, thanks to all the WGA members who spent time learning about the candidates, carefully considering the choices, and casting their votes. The involvement of members in this leadership selection process is crucial to the long-term success of the organization.

Complete Election Results

The number of votes each candidate received is shown in the list below, along with the percentage of all the votes cast (in parenthesis) and the percentage of members voting who selected that candidate.

Renee Vanselow-Tapp
WGA username: AuntieNae View WGA profile for AuntieNae username: AuntieNae View profile for AuntieNae
Candidates Corner topic: View Candidates Corner topic for Renee Vanselow-Tapp
80 (19%)
Barry Butrymowicz
WGA username: sweetlife View WGA profile for sweetlife username: sweetlife View profile for sweetlife
Candidates Corner topic: View Candidates Corner topic for Barry Butrymowicz
77 (18%)
Rebecca Lillo
WGA username: beccaday View WGA profile for beccaday username: beccaday View profile for beccaday
Candidates Corner topic: View Candidates Corner topic for Rebecca Lillo
64 (15%)
Chris Walker
WGA username: Walkingadventure View WGA profile for Walkingadventure username: Walkingadventure View profile for Walkingadventure
Candidates Corner topic: View Candidates Corner topic for Chris Walker
64 (15%)
Tim Saavedra
WGA username: TJSAAVEDRA View WGA profile for TJSAAVEDRA username: TJSAAVEDRA
Candidates Corner topic: View Candidates Corner topic for Tim Saavedra
47 (11%)
Steve Biedermann
WGA username: CommanderUSN View WGA profile for CommanderUSN username: CommanderUSN View profile for CommanderUSN
Candidates Corner topic: View Candidates Corner topic for Steve Biedermann
27 (6%)
David Cantrell
WGA username: CacheNoTrace View WGA profile for CacheNoTrace username: CacheNoTrace View profile for CacheNoTrace
Candidates Corner topic: View Candidates Corner topic for David Cantrell
24 (6%)
Will Church
WGA username: lone_gunman View WGA profile for lone_gunman username: Lone_Gunman View profile for Lone_Gunman
Candidates Corner topic: View Candidates Corner topic for Will Church
23 (5%)
Scott Dallesasse
WGA username: sdallesasse View WGA profile for sdallesasse username: Scribble Scribe
Candidates Corner topic: View Candidates Corner topic for Scott Dallesasse
15 (3%)
Kelso Gonzalez
WGA username: Kelso View WGA profile for Kelso username: Gonzakel
Candidates Corner topic: View Candidates Corner topic for Kelso Gonzalez
9 (2%)


Posted by wga_admin on Thursday, February 14, 2013 @ 21:13:40 CST (580 reads)

Voting for WGA Board of Directors Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Organization News
Jim & Linda writes:  

The WGA is accepting votes for the 2013 Board of Directors Election through February 10, 2013 at 12:00am CST. There are 4 open positions on the Board that will be filled in this election.

All WGA members can vote for up to 4 of the candidates that appear on the ballot. Click here to vote now. (These candidates received 2 nominations from fellow WGA members.)

A link is provided to each candidate's profile on the WGA website... click on the profile icon to the right of their username to view it.

We have also provided a link to the posts that the candidates have made in the Candidates Corner forum, and we encourage members to read these posts to learn more about the candidates before casting their votes.

At the conclusion of voting on February 10, 2013 at 12:00am CST, the votes will be tallied and the 4 candidates with the highest vote totals will be awarded the open positions on the Board. In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held soon after voting ends.

Posted by 15340 on Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 13:50:00 CST (0 reads)

WGA Board of Directores Nominations Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Organization News
labrat_wr writes:  

As the nomination period for the Board of Directors election is in full swing and we already have a number of members who have accepted their nomination. Nominations will be open until January 27th.

Now is the time to get your questions in for the candidates!

Get to know who these folks are and see what their thoughts are for the goals and direction of the WGA. Post your questions to one or all the candidates. If for a single candidate, you may post on their Candidates Corner topic, for all candidates post a new topic in the Candidates Corner forum.

Please abide by the forum guidelines when posting.

Posted by 15340 on Thursday, January 17, 2013 @ 07:43:00 CST (0 reads)

Message from the President Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Organization News
Jim & Linda writes:  

Hello WGA!

As the calender year winds down, I find myself sitting at a hospital in Sheboygan, waiting for Linda to return from knee surgery. We are looking forward to her being able to get out and hunt caches again.

The end of the year means it's time for Board of Director nominations and elections. Watch for details in the WGA Forums for nomination/voting deadlines.

I've had many new cachers ask me over the years, "Can you geocache in winter?" ABSOLUTELY!! You can also do a bit of socializing at a few WGA sponsored Events, too.

The Lonely Cache Game Event will enjoy it's third year at the Horicon Marsh International Visitor Center near Horicon on February 2nd, 2013 (Ground Hogs Day). You don't need to play the LCG to come out and hear some of the wildest stories from the past year.

Mark Green Bay on your GPS and February 23rd on your calendar for the WGA Chili Feed/Bonfire Event, being held at the Bay Beach Nature Center. A great place to meet new cachers, wolf down some chili, and get some more winter caching in!

We are 3 months into the WGA TB Race! There are already 14 Travel Bugs with over 1000 miles on them, and 3 with over 7,000 miles! Some have been muggled, too. There's a lot of racing to be done yet, not to mention the fabulous prizes to be won!

A great group of attendees were seen at Pike Lake in September at the WGA GeoPicnic. If you think that was fun, wait until May 17-19 next year, when the WI/MN Joint Campout is held at Interstate Park near St. Croix Falls! An Event sure to create some new caching friends and lifetime memories.

Linda should be back to the hospital room soon. The doctor said everything went great. Here's hoping you have a great Holiday Season and good caching in the New Year.

Jim Bliefnick, President - WGA

Posted by 15340 on Wednesday, December 05, 2012 @ 08:49:00 CST (0 reads)

WGA Store is OPEN! More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Organization News
Anonymous writes:  

The WGA Store is now open!

The 2012 WGA Geocoin is in! Available in antique gold or antique silver finish, the cost is $10.
We also have WGA shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies in several styles, as well as other items. The
WGA Store is only open for a short time, so stop in soon!

Posted by 15340 on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 @ 08:46:00 CDT (0 reads)

A Message from the President More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Organization News
Anonymous writes:  

Hello WGA!

I hope everyone got a taste of geocaching during the drought of '12. With winter and road construction as the 2 official Wisconsin seasons, the "dry heat" added a new dimension to the fun!

Congratulations to jjcool719 for submitting the winning design for the WGA 10th Anniversary geocoin. The coin was made available during the West Bend Cache Ba$h and more than 100 were sold! You can order your 2012 WGA Geocoing in antique silver or antique gold finish from the WGA Store!

Are you ready for a picnic? Pike Lake near Hartford is the location for the WGA GeoPicnic. This will close out the 10th anniversary celebration of the WGA. You wouldn't want to miss the dessert, would you?

For those that are looking to 2013, we have been in contact with the Minnesota Geocaching Association to co-host the Campout in northwest Wisconsin next year. That should make for an interesting T-shirt design!

It was good to see many of you stop by the WGA Booth at the West Bend Cache Ba$h. A big thank you to all 9 Board Members for their time helping and the other member volunteers that assisteded during the 3 day Mega Event. Your purchases of WGA merchandise helps support this great organization, as does eating pancakes and sausage on Sunday morning!

The football season is upon us. If your favorite team isn't playing up to par, grab the GPS and do something productive! The score will be the same, whether your watching or not!

See you in the woods!

Posted by 15340 on Monday, August 20, 2012 @ 09:07:00 CDT (0 reads)

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