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Winner -
March 2014 Northern Zone:
Apostle Islands-Mawikwe Sea Caves

Winner -
March 2014 Northeast Zone:
Moscow, We Have A Problem

Winner -
March 2014 West Central Zone:
World Wide Quarters

Winner -
March 2014 South Central Zone:
WSQ Dunn

Winner -
March 2014 Southeast Zone:
Risen King

Winner -
March 2014 Series of the Month:
Woodpecker Series of Johnson Creek

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Wisconsin Geocaching Association: Cache of the Month

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January Cache of the Month Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Cache of the Month
Team Black-Cat writes:  

The January 2013 WGA Caches of the Month have been announced. Each of the five regions of the state have again been well represented.

Northern Zone - A Moment of Zen by benjam76
Difficulty 4 - Terrain 5
Hidden in 2006, this cache has only been found 35 times. Several WGA members have recommended it in the forums.

Northeast Zone - Wiouwash Whisper For Lisa's 2K by Sagasu
Difficulty 2.5 -  Terrain 3.5
This tribute cache can be found two ways. It's a three part multi, but if you prefer night caches, you can follow the reflectors to a "glittering" ammo can final.

West Central Zone - Wisconsin Roadside Weirdness Challenge by Trekkin' and birdin'
Difficulty 3 - Terrain 1.5
A challenge cache that requires you to find some of the wierdest attractions in Wisconsin. You might find a 16 foot tall loon, or sculpture gardens or even the worlds largest letter "M".

South Central Zone - Last cache in town for me? by catm99
Difficulty 2 - Terrain 2
A three part mystery cache surrounded by letters and numbers. With 10 favorite points and only 16 finds, this looks like a fun one.

Southeast Zone - The Amazing Race Starting Line (Amazing Race #1) by Doctor Dolittle & The Goldie Diggers
Difficulty 4 - Terrain 3
The start of a series of 32 caches, you may need some special equipment to find this one.

Series of the Month - Casa Oro/G15 Amazing Race by The Goldie Diggers
Difficulty 1.5 -  Terrain 1.5
This cache was chosen to represent the entire Amazing Race series. With 32 caches by some very creative hiders, this looks like a must do series.

Nominations and voting is open for the February Cache of the Month

Posted by 15340 on Friday, February 01, 2013 @ 09:38:00 CST (0 reads)

November Cache of the Month Winners More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Cache of the Month
Anonymous writes:  

As the weather was turning colder, the competition for the November COTM was heating up. Because of two ties, there are eight winners for November.

November 2010 Northern Zone - 2000 Echo's
November 2010 Northern Zone - Foster Falls
November 2010 West Central Zone - Trillium Trail
November 2010 West Central Zone - Neun Meile Vogel
November 2010 Northeast Zone - Public Enemies - The Heist
November 2010 South Central Zone - I Love Camo Tape
November 2010 Southeast Zone - Pyramids of Mequon
November 2010 Series of the Month - BINGO!

Congratulations to all of the November COTM winners and thank you to everyone that participated. The December Cache of the Month contest has already started. Nominate or vote for a great cache in your part of the state!

Posted by 15340 on Wednesday, December 01, 2010 @ 11:25:00 CST (0 reads)

Six New Cache of the Month Winners Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Cache of the Month
Anonymous writes:  

October was the first month that the WGA Cache of the Month was awarded to caches in five geographic zones as well as Series of the Month. A total of 18 caches located across the entire state were nominated during the month. Overall, the new format has been quite successful. Along with the new format, we also updated the "award" banner that winning cache owners can post on their cache pages. BakRds designed the new banner, which includes a gold medallion with the outline of the COTM zones overlaid on a map of the state. 

Congratulations to the owners of the following caches for winning the October WGA Cache of the Month award: [list] [*]Northern Zone - WSQ Brothers In Bravery [*]West Central Zone - WSQ Medal of Honor [*]Northeast Zone - Long Tail Point Lighthouse 1899 [*]South Central Zone - Just Listen [*]Southeast Zone - The Big Bad Wolf- FRAMED [*]Series of the Month - Hot Springs National Park - America the Beautiful [/list] Thank you to everyone that participated in last month's contest. Be sure to nominate or vote for an outstanding cache in the November Cache of the Month contest!

Posted by 15340 on Saturday, October 30, 2010 @ 21:29:00 CDT (0 reads)

2008 Cache of the Year - Spelunking at Question Point....Minus 13 Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Read More... 
Cache of the Month
Anonymous writes:  

WGA members have selected

Spelunking at Question Point....Minus 13

(GC1DY7V) by Little"K" 99 and CacherClan as the 2008 Cache of the Year. It received more votes than the 11 other Cache of the Month winners in 2008 to receive this award. This cache requires people to become amateur spelunkers and explore a cave on Kenosha's lakefront to score the find.

Posted by 8 on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 @ 08:09:00 CST (0 reads)

September Cache of the Month Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Read More... 
Cache of the Month
Anonymous writes:  

The Cache of the Month for September was

Another Micro In the Woods

in Green Bay by the Cachelovskys.

Posted by 40 on Friday, October 10, 2008 @ 08:03:00 CDT (0 reads)

August Cache of the Month Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Read More... 
Cache of the Month
Anonymous writes:  
The Cache of the Month for August was [url=]Spelunking at question point...minus 13[/url] in Kenosha by Little"K" 99 and CacherClan.
Posted by 40 on Thursday, September 04, 2008 @ 07:20:00 CDT (0 reads)

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