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September 2014 Northern Zone:
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September 2014 Northeast Zone:
Gardner Swamp Thing

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September 2014 West Central Zone:
Upper Dells SNA

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September 2014 South Central Zone:
Old Meets New

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September 2014 Series of the Month:
Meet the WGA series

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Wisconsin Geocaching Association: Cache of the Month

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January Cache of the Month Winners Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Cache of the Month

WGA members have selected six very worthy caches as the winners of the January Cache of the Month.

January 2014 Northern Zone - Cemented in History by Anderson Crew

  • "Extremely unusual site and an older virtual cache."
  • "Finally, a COTM nominee that we have found! And this one is worthy. Not too many places that geocaching brings us to do we spend a couple of hours at, but that what we did here."
  • "I can't believe this classic hasn't already been COTM. A virtual tribute to one man's active imagination."

January 2014 Northeast Zone - Don't Get Wet by cacheseekers

  • "Great multi-location virtual cache. Makes you stop and learn about/appreciate a beautiful location that many people drive by every day without giving it a thought."

January 2014 West Central Zone - Curse of the Kiwanis, House of Karrmann by birddog58

  • "Well hidden cache in a unique location."
  • "This is a creative hide in a great location . Love the area and the GZ choice . This cache is what geocaching is about!"

January 2014 South Central Zone - The Professors Perplexing Seed Germinates! by MadisonJoe

  • "A Classic Madison puzzle cache in which the find is as hard as the puzzle itself."

January 2014 Southeast Zone - Oakfield Ledge by Pawn of Chaos

  • "A great place to experience the Niagara Escarpment!"

January 2014 Series of the Month - Key to Happiness Series by Da Cache Cows

  • "Nice variety of hides and containers, some easy to find and open, some requiring a little more thought. Each cache in the series is also set up to make you consider what happiness is and how to achieve it."

Nominate and vote for your favorite geocache now in the February Cache of the Month!

Posted by wga_admin on Thursday, February 06, 2014 @ 11:24:39 CST (303 reads)

April Cache of the Month Winners Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Cache of the Month
Team Black-Cat writes:  

As the weather gets nicer (finally), activity has picked up a little in the WGA Cache of the Month. Here are the winners for April.

Northern Zone
North Country Trail: Swedish Settlement by jenhen
Difficulty: 2.5
Terrain : 3
If you enjoy historical sites and abandon ruins then you will enjoy finding this cache located in The Chequamegon National Forest.

Northeast Zone
Where Are the Cows? by Love2Labs/kmhiker
Difficulty: 4.5
Terrain: 3
This is a multi cache in the Kettle Morine State Forest. You would do well to read the cache page carefully before heading out for this one.
"Excellent location picked, makes you think Outside-of-the-box to advance to second stage."

West Central Zone
Marathon Mystery by peach107
Difficulty: 2.5
Terrain: 3
An Earth Cache by Platinum Earthcache Master peach107. The Dells of The Eau Claire is a scenic treasure that is well worth the trip.

South Central Zone
Sepulchre by mate dulce
Difficulty: 1.5
Terrain: 1
A fun, feild solvable, inside/outside puzzle cache in Mad Town.
"Excellent family cache, unique and fun!"

Southeast Zone
Mind Maze by heavin
Difficulty: 4
Terrain: 1.5
This on-site puzzle should keep you busy for a while, so plan a little extra time.
"This one was just plan awesome to try and figure out while out in the woods."
"This was a cleverly constructed cache. It took a while to navigate through the mind maze. This is a nice park too."

Series of the Month
Dr Seuss Series by beccaday
This fun series located in Pike Lake State Park will take you on a tour of your childhood memories. Oh, the places you'll go!
"This was a very well done series with the location of the caches as well as the containers. The series included 10 caches which were a combination of puzzles, traditional and Multi's which led to the final. Very well themed cache containers which were unique. The cache page write ups were very clever as well."
"My son still talks about the Horton container! Enjoyed the creative waypoints!"
"There was alot of effort put into these caches, which we love!"
"Awesome series with creative cache containers that take you all around the state park."

If you happen to be in the area, you owe it to yourself to seek out one of these great geocaches. Click here for Nominations and voting for the May Cache of the Month.

Posted by wga_admin on Wednesday, May 01, 2013 @ 08:54:56 CDT (1300 reads)

March Cache of the Month Winners Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Cache of the Month
Team Black-Cat writes:  

Another very worthy bunch of geocaches were nominated again this month. Here are the winners of the March WGA Cache of the Month.

Northern Zone
2CachingLoons Have Found Their King! by UnlivableVenus8 (aka PokerPlayingEMT-&a-BookWormQueen)
Difficulty 2
Terrain 2.5
Located in a mini park in the Loon Capital, Mercer, is Clair D'Loon. It's hard to miss this geo-beacon.
"This one is just fun! What's not to like about a twenty foot tall loon?"
"Who wouldn't love a two story loon for a beacon????"

Northeast Zone
Where the Wild Things Are by suzisumac
Difficulty 2.5
Terrain 2
A two part multi-cache located in Dale. One log describes it as "Devilisly creative".
"A fun multicache. Both stages are quite creative."
"It has a challenging first stage, a clever final... A well put together cache!"

West Central Zone
Sally's Savings Bank and Geocoin Exchange by zuma!
Difficulty 1
Terrain 1
You might get a chance to meet a geocaching legend since the container is hidden in the front yard of some well known Wisconsin geocachers. (Sally and Jessie) Always well stocked, this one is worth a visit any time you are in the area.
"This is an easy to find and well cared for TB motel."
"It's in Zuma's front yard, need I say more!"

South Central Zone
The Truth Tree by Smashing Ground
Difficulty 2.5
Terrain 2
Sometimes the truth jumps right out at you. This puzzle cache will either have you banging your head or enjoying a quick solve depending on how you look at it.
"Couldn't count the number of times I looked at this one before I got the "Ah Ha!" moment. Final is a cool location too!"
"Nice puzzle, nice hide location.  Nice solid cache.  Tree-mendous fun all around!"

Southeast Zone
Goldie, You're My Idol - Season 4 by beccaday
Difficulty 4
Terrain 2.5
This is a tribute to Goldie Diggers who has been described on the cache page as "well known for his creative puzzles, fun cache containers, challenging hides and his total disregard for his own safety".
"A devious and creative hide, my favorite type!"
"A cache that you have to use your noggin for, and when you finally do you want to slap it!"

Series of the Month
American Literature: Final Exam by krymdog
Difficulty 3.5
Terrain 3
A series of eight puzzles located in the "up nort". The series forms a perfect "?" when viewed on a map.
"It was a learning experience to read all the different literary styles and answer questions pertaining to the story.'
"Brought me back to High School Lit. Class and remembering  GREAT Literature calssics.  It had been a long time since a final exam and I enjoyed the challenage."

"This series has everything that makes for a great series in our mind...interesting puzzles, wonderful northwoods setting and finds that are meant to be found."
"This Cache series embodied all the fun elements of geocaching, challenging both mind and body."
"With currently 100% "favorite" status, this series has everyone enjoying lit class.  Eight caches, each representing a different period in American lit, lead up to the final exam. Well thought out, well put together... one whole package of mental and physical caching fun!"

Nominate or vote for your favorite geocaches in the April WGA Cache of the Month

Posted by wga_admin on Monday, April 01, 2013 @ 09:50:21 CDT (1087 reads)

WGA February Cache of the Month Winners Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Cache of the Month
Team Black-Cat writes:  

There were several close races among the dozen geocaches nominated for the February Cache of the Month. Thanks to everyone that nominated and voted, the entire state was very well represented.

Northern Zone - Cheezehead's T.B & Coin & HCH container Barn by Hayward Cheezehead
Difficulty 1
Terrain 1.5
Size Large

This fun cache is located just a few feet from the roadside. Being a LARGE, is findable any time of the year, and is kept well stocked by the nearby cache owner. "Honk or wave as you drive by."

Northeast Zone - The Expedition by JimandLinda
Difficulty 4
Terrain 5
Size Regular

Several items are required to complete The Expedition, so read the description page carefully. The terrain changes depending on the season, but this multi is a true adventure any time of the year.

West Central Zone - URSA MINOR - YILDUN by bigjim60
Difficulty 2
Terrain 5
Size Micro

A great amount of effort was spent to recreate the Little Bear constellation near the Little Bear Creek in the George Mead Wildlife Area in Central Wisconsin. This one won't disappoint those looking for a high terrain geocache.

South Central Zone - WSQ Old Baptist Union Cemetery (Abandoned) by Smashing Ground
Difficulty 2
Terrain 2
Size Other

This out of the way WSQ is a true testiment to the power of natural reclaimation. Several Civil War era markers can be found here.

Southeast Zone - black bottom stomp by chevyole
Difficulty 2
Terrain 4
Size Small

Here is another higher terrain geocache that the owner refers to as "Homage to the Lonely Cache Game". With a Howitzer, a time capsule and a great view, this is a must do cache.

Series of the Month - The Muppet Series by Jim Henson (aka froggerz)
Difficulty 2
Terrain 2
Size Regular

A six pack that will have you chasing Muppets on the trails of Whitnal Park near Greenfield. You'll be getting the old band back together by finding the five original members of The Electric Mayhem Band. What could be more fun than Muppet hunting in Southeast Wisconsin?

Nominate or vote for your favorite caches in the March Cache of the Month.

Posted by wga_admin on Friday, March 01, 2013 @ 08:27:58 CST (780 reads)

January Cache of the Month Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Cache of the Month
Team Black-Cat writes:  

The January 2013 WGA Caches of the Month have been announced. Each of the five regions of the state have again been well represented.

Northern Zone - A Moment of Zen by benjam76
Difficulty 4 - Terrain 5
Hidden in 2006, this cache has only been found 35 times. Several WGA members have recommended it in the forums.

Northeast Zone - Wiouwash Whisper For Lisa's 2K by Sagasu
Difficulty 2.5 -  Terrain 3.5
This tribute cache can be found two ways. It's a three part multi, but if you prefer night caches, you can follow the reflectors to a "glittering" ammo can final.

West Central Zone - Wisconsin Roadside Weirdness Challenge by Trekkin' and birdin'
Difficulty 3 - Terrain 1.5
A challenge cache that requires you to find some of the wierdest attractions in Wisconsin. You might find a 16 foot tall loon, or sculpture gardens or even the worlds largest letter "M".

South Central Zone - Last cache in town for me? by catm99
Difficulty 2 - Terrain 2
A three part mystery cache surrounded by letters and numbers. With 10 favorite points and only 16 finds, this looks like a fun one.

Southeast Zone - The Amazing Race Starting Line (Amazing Race #1) by Doctor Dolittle & The Goldie Diggers
Difficulty 4 - Terrain 3
The start of a series of 32 caches, you may need some special equipment to find this one.

Series of the Month - Casa Oro/G15 Amazing Race by The Goldie Diggers
Difficulty 1.5 -  Terrain 1.5
This cache was chosen to represent the entire Amazing Race series. With 32 caches by some very creative hiders, this looks like a must do series.

Nominations and voting is open for the February Cache of the Month

Posted by 15340 on Friday, February 01, 2013 @ 09:38:00 CST (0 reads)

November Cache of the Month Winners More about Printer Friendly Send to a Friend 
Cache of the Month
Anonymous writes:  

As the weather was turning colder, the competition for the November COTM was heating up. Because of two ties, there are eight winners for November.

November 2010 Northern Zone - 2000 Echo's
November 2010 Northern Zone - Foster Falls
November 2010 West Central Zone - Trillium Trail
November 2010 West Central Zone - Neun Meile Vogel
November 2010 Northeast Zone - Public Enemies - The Heist
November 2010 South Central Zone - I Love Camo Tape
November 2010 Southeast Zone - Pyramids of Mequon
November 2010 Series of the Month - BINGO!

Congratulations to all of the November COTM winners and thank you to everyone that participated. The December Cache of the Month contest has already started. Nominate or vote for a great cache in your part of the state!

Posted by 15340 on Wednesday, December 01, 2010 @ 11:25:00 CST (0 reads)

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