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Winner -
March 2014 Northern Zone:
Apostle Islands-Mawikwe Sea Caves

Winner -
March 2014 Northeast Zone:
Moscow, We Have A Problem

Winner -
March 2014 West Central Zone:
World Wide Quarters

Winner -
March 2014 South Central Zone:
WSQ Dunn

Winner -
March 2014 Southeast Zone:
Risen King

Winner -
March 2014 Series of the Month:
Woodpecker Series of Johnson Creek

More Info >>>

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WGA campout merchandise is now available in the WGA Store. The store is only open for a few weeks, so order your tee shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies now. You can also reserve your spot in the group camp sites. 

Also available is non campout related apparel including shirts, sweats, hoodies and zippered sweat shirts. There will only be a limited quantity available for sale at the event, so order now!

All orders are only for pickup at the 2014 WGA Spring Campout event at Mirror Lake on May 10-12.

Click HERE to go to the WGA Store now.

The votes have been tallied! With over 200 total favorite points, this is a great list of winners.

Northern Zone

Apostle Islands-Mawikwe Sea Caves

Comments on this choice:

  • "You gotta go!"
  • "Favorite earthcache ever- gorgeous location- interesting geology. I was lucky enough to go fairly early in the season before it was incredibly crowded- an experience to remember."

Northeast Zone

Moscow, We Have A Problem

Comments on this choice:

  • "HISTORY!"
  • "This an exceptional Virtual cache. It emphasizes bizarre local history that I never knew, despite having lived in Manitowoc for 18 years. This cache creation is just another reason why I Geocache."

West Central Zone

World Wide Quarters

Comments on this choice:

  • "Half way there!"
  • "A convergence! Something that we techy/outdoorsy people can appreciate."
  • "Probably our first confluence find!"

South Central Zone

WSQ Dunn

Southeast Zone

Risen King

Comments on this choice:

  • "This gadget cache took some effort to create. It is a unique and fun way to get to the log. I also love the theme of the cache!"
  • "A great gadget cache that breaks the doldrums of sign and guard rail caches. The cache theme fits the building perfectly!"
  • "A very unique cache!"
  • "Very clever. This was our first true gadget cache and loved it!"
  • "This was one of the most awesome caches ever! We loved the location and the theme that went with the title. It was easy to locate and the cache page was helpful in knowing what to do to find it. Great craftsmanship on the cache."
  • "This cache is what caching is all about! Creative, fun and a destination."

Series of the Month

Woodpecker Series of Johnson Creek

Comments on this choice:

  • "Very well done web pages and caches. Loved the final! The write ups brought us to this very scenic area."
  • "Great location, very creative and unique caches. Some were even themed well with the title. We loved getting all the 5 terrain caches which helped fill our grid. Quite they adventure!"
  • "Great way to get some of the rare D/T combinations in one area."
  • "Had a great time with the Wild Bunch during a ice walk to get this great series"
  • "Great route and the caches are very challenging"
  • "Did this one in the winter which made it much easier. :D It had a little bit of everything. Hope to do the adjacent owl series this summer. Can't wait"

Nominate or vote for one of your favorite geocaches in the April WGA Cache of the Month contest!



Wisconsin Geocaching Association
Annual BOD Meeting
February 23, 2014 9:00 am
600 E Northland Ave, Appleton, WI
Election of Officers
·         Becca nominated Chris, Steve Seconded the motion: all in favor
Vice President
·         Becca nominated Pete, Renee seconded the motion.
·         Chris nominated Becca, Rob seconded the motion.
Vote was 5 for Pete 3 for Becca
·         Val nominated Renne, Becca seconded the motion: all in favor
·         Val nominated Becca, Renee seconded the motion.
·         Rob nominated Barry, Chris seconded the motion, Barry declined
All in favor: Becca is now Secretary

Recap of "How to be a Board Member"
There was a brief discussion informing the new board of directors on how to be a board member.
Becca asked the question of when is it proper to vote. Voting usually takes place when money is involved, or when there are policy changes. 
Reminder that all board members need to check in to the website at least twice a week and post when we'll be traveling or unavailable.

Treasurer’s Report
Renee gave the treasurer’s report. Updates on PNC bank branches and who can sign on the account. Currently Renee and Barry can sign on the account, Becca will be added shortly. Only officers should be signers on the account. The address for the WGA association needs to be changed as it currently Jeremy's address and he has sold that property. 
Becca made a motion to officially change the bylaws that the address for our financials be changed to the address of the treasurer. Val seconded the motion. We will vote on the motion once the bylaws have been changed in the forums.
Renee will research getting a debit card for the account and report back in the forums. This will make reservations easier as funds can be taken directly out of the account.
There was discussion regarding changing the by-laws about requiring 2 signatures on all checks. When Renee and Becca go into the bank to add signatures they will look into this.

2014 Budget
The biggest income opportunity for the WGA is merchandise sales and pancake breakfast at the West Bend Cache Bash. Donations are way down so our main source of income is merchandise sales at events. Discussion about spending money at events on activities. Mention on the dates of past campouts. Renee has been posting costs in the forums in the treasurer’s thread. All WGA Board of Directors need to try their hardest to be at the West Bend Cache Bash and help on Saturday with teaching the Geo 101 class, merchandise sales, downloads and the pancake breakfast on Sunday.

Web Site Report - additional webmasters needed
Running the website is a big job. Brian has expressed an interest in sharing the job or giving it up if there was another candidate that was capable of doing it. Discussed having a back-up person as the webmaster. BJ Lillo has offered to be a back-up in case of an emergency but not actively participate in the website. We should look for volunteers that are capable. Brian has been working on creating a new website that may be ready in June, possibly later. This new website will be more user-friendly to administer. He demonstrated this website to many of us at the chili event. We should put a second person's name on the web hosting site just in case of an emergency. Rob has expressed an interest in helping out but he can’t do it solely. Val is also on the website committee. We all need to be more mindful of helping out when Brian asks for it as well as taking on tasks ourselves that we are capable of doing, like updating the front page, starting forum categories, managing bookmark lists, etc. to lighten his load.

Education Committee Report
Renee and Becca are going to co-chair of the education committee. We have done a few things throughout the year, but has been a fairly inactive committee. Renee and Becca had done the Geo 101 at the West Bend Cache Bash. Renee taught a “How to teach a Geo 101” class during the year. Suggested updating the presentation materials on the WGA Resource Materials on the website. We should make an announcement when this is updated. Renee has an updated power point presentation and she will upload it to the website.. Discussion on doing a “Train the trainer” course that the WGA campout. Barry will find out more about whether or not the WBCB is going to want a Geo 101 class again and we will discuss further on the website. Cheeto, Jerry's Dad, MaskinWI, Greenthumb and Sunshine, Scrappy Scout, Trekkin and Birdin', Sandlanders are currently the non-BOD on the committee. We need to contact them to see if they still wish to be on this committee as well as ask if others would like to join. We need to get better about posting notes for requests for help in the education committee thread so that we can handle the events around the state.

Membership Committee Report - Discuss decline in numbers of members.
Chris is chair on this committee, there wasn't much done in this area in 2013. We are going to table this discussion for now but this should be a main focus for 2014. Discussed mentoring idea of Mr. Greenthumb. The membership committee will discuss the project and how we can get the mentoring program going and report back to the BOD. This is going to be a main focus of the WGA in 2014. The 9 BOD should be on the mentor list to lead by example. Members will volunteer to be on this program. Possibly doing some sort of recognition for the mentors, a banner to add to cache pages or on their WGA profile.

Committee Assignments for 2014
Rob would like to help on the website committee. Discussion on the bookmarks.
Membership:   Chair: Barry, Chris, Steve
Education: Becca & Renee: co-chair, August(?)
Website: Chair: Rob, Pete, Val

BOD photo
Will ask John Sudar to alter a photo to include August since he wasn’t at the meeting. We will take another photo at the campout when we’re all together.

Campout at Mirror Lake State Park
Mother's Day weekend. Shelter reservation has been made. Discussion about how many group sites we need? Rob will make the cache page. We are going to reserve sites 301, 302, 303 for the event and Renee will be reserving this. We will charge $10/tent/night. We are going to pre-order event shirts and have generic-logo merchandise available. We will be doing a pathtag for the campout and Barry and Val will create it. We are going to think about doing something little for the Mothers for the pancake breakfast since it is Mother's Day. If we do different events people may be more likely to stay. Maybe a Friday night event at the fire? With new Groundspeak rule changes we can't have different WGA events but other people want to host different activities that will work. Becca expressed an interest in hosting a CITO for the group, possibly contacting Jim to co-host as he seemed interested before.

State Park Challenge discussion
There are still 2 parks that are not spoken for: Nelson-Dewey and Council Grounds. Need to be placed: Belmont Mount, Yellowstone Lake, Buckhorn, Mill Bluff, Rock Island, Rib Mountain. The goal is to have the caches placed by 5/1. We need to talk to Brian about how the pocket query works to update the map on the website. 
Do we need to re-order pencils? The pencils were originally ordered for this State Parks series. We will be creating a committee for finishing off the series and recognition. So far, the committee is the BOD, Sandlanders, Trekkin and Birdin', Mr. Greenthumb and Sunshine, Jim. How many are going to complete the challenge? How many years are we going to have this challenge? We should present the plan at the campout. A plaque, patches, pins, etc.? The committee will decide and report back. 
Guidelines for the committee: 
-Approximately $5 prize for those that complete
-Time table is to have a decision made by mid-April
-Presented at campout
-$500 budget
-Contact friend groups for donations

Geocoins and Travel tags
All geocoin inventory in stock:   Box full of old coins. 1-2010 pathtag set, 1-2006, 13-2005, 10-2010 coins, 54-2011 coins, 17-2012 coins
WGA travel tag inventory 92 Cachekinz,
Cachekinz – Sold well at the Cache Bash. They are more inexpensive and people seem to like them. We should re-order before the Campout and use at the Cache Bash as well. Cache Addict has been a good vendor to work with, gave donations for the LCG event.
Old Geocoins: What should we do with them? Have several old 2011 and 2012 coins, were selling them 2/$10 at the Chili event. 
We would still like to do the 3D coin that Sandlanders came up with. This coin will be expensive and should be 2” size. Very intricate details. 
Goal to create a new coin to be released to sell in the store for Christmas sales. Barry and Val are going to work on this project and report back. 

CITO events
Review guidelines for financial assistance, to encourage
more member CITOs.
$150/event, up to 6 events a year. The WGA needs a proposal for how the money is to be spent; supplies, food, prizes, etc. Members should submit receipts afterwards. We don't need to host the cache page under the WGA profile but we should be mentioned. The website committee should come up with a boilerplate to put on the cache page mentioning the WGA. There were no events reimbursed in 2013, 3 in 2012. Merchandise will be donated at retail value. Several of the board members should go through the safe food handlers course and will be reimbursed by the WGA. Barry, Becca and Karen will go through the Food Handlers course this year, preferably before the campout and West Bend. 
WGA Adopt-a-highway
We should be cleaning up our stretch of highway 2-3x per year. Suggested date for clean up event 4/26 10-noon. October 11th for the fall CITO. Chris will be checking with Cheeto to see if he has a conflict with that date and we will reschedule, if so.

Fall event location.
Harrington Beach or Kohler-Andre? The date should be September 20th. We want to have a shelter that can be indoors, if possible. Bow season begins 9/13 so we are not going to go to the Kettle Moraine SF Southern unit. We have until next weekend to schedule it. There was also discussion on other possible locations around the Madison area.

Limited edition geocoin awards and service plaque awards
Plaques go to outgoing board members. Renee is going to get plaques for Jim, Brian and Lisa to be given out at the campout, if they attend. Renee will post a motion when she gets pricing. Consider giving out coins to members who go above and beyond for the WGA. There were a few names discussed for the coins but this is kept private so it can be a surprise, Becca has the notes for the names mentioned. Pete moved to give a coin to one member for their service to the WGA, Becca seconded it. 8 voted “aye” and passed.

WGA property
Current assets report – 2 grills, 2 propane tanks, 2 griddles, the trailer, the bins, plastic deer, several ammo cans, a variety of plastic animals, big roll of paper. Geo-101 presentation board, lots of plastic critters, 2 laminators, night cache numbers.
Trailer and WGA property storage-Who get's the WGA Hauler until the campout? Pete took it from the chili event.
We need to get a spare tire, there was a motion made last year. Pete will look into getting a spare tire. Discussion on purchasing a jack and tire iron. The motion to purchase will be made when the cost has been assessed. 
Pete will take the trailer, we need to keep it with the BOD, if possible. Pete will bring it to the campout, Barry will take it over the winter.
We need to keep a better record of the inventory in the trailer. We will be putting a spreadsheet on the BOD forums to keep updated. 

T-shirt report and inventory
We currently have 2 styles of shirts, classic and new design. We should re-order new style for future events. Long-sleeves and sweatshirts will be pre-orders for the campout. Also, event shirts will only be pre-order for the campout. Classic style is cheaper than the new design. We also have a clearance bin of shirts from previous events. For the chili event Renee ordered brown and green, green sold more. We should try to limit the variety of types to bring to events to limit confusion. There is a discussion on color choices for print and shirt. We sold 43 shirts at the chili event.

Best way to track WGA consumable assets.
We need to track the consumables. We are going to start keeping an updated spreadsheet on the WGA forums. This will help with purchasing before events. Also, whoever is housing the trailer won’t have to go out inventory it.

The Cache of the Month has become stagnant so there is discussion on what to do about this. Continue? Revamp using Favorites? Discontinue? Administrator if continuing? Pete has been trying to put together some sort of a report but the data seems scattered. Some feel that it is a popularity contest. If there are no caches nominated the computer automatically puts the one from the month before. Discussion about shortening the time before a cache can be nominated. Change it to quarterly? Give points based on distance from home? Investigate farther into Iowa system of mileage.
Why is it becoming less popular? 
-Favorite points
-Hardly anyone is nominating
-Cache-dense areas getting more finds
For now we will keep it as is and investigate further. Pete will do the bulk of this research.

Cache Rescue/LCG administrator –
Dave S. has agreed to continue being the administrator for 2014, per TBC.
Pete will continue to monitor this.

WGA calendar discussion
Show your photos for the different seasons. Print calendars were decided to not be a good idea. Photo contests. Maybe do a computer wallpaper to download as a .jpeg file. Ask John Sudar to help with the galleries? Show your WGA-wear in different places. Contests?

Lonely Cache Game Event
This year's event was a smaller and more low-key. Was this good? Horicon is a good location as it is centrally located between the 3 areas where LCG players are: Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton. Usually right around Groundhog day. Horicon will be updating their building and they would like to have us back. January 31st/February 1st for a possible date. This event should stay as a member-driven event.

West Bend Cache Bash
Renee let us know that the WGA made $4000 gross revenue in '13. This is our biggest money-maker of the year. It was decided that the WGA does not need to be there on Friday. 
Saturday WGA Booth - We should add on the cache page that we will be there on Saturday. Barry and Val are on the WBCB committee so they are going to report back to us. WGA has committed to helping with cache downloads. Should we put the inventory behind the tables? People won't be touching and messing with the inventory. Look for volunteers to help but be selective with who handles the money. Be more careful with all of the cash. Where can it go? Possibly park a car to lock the cash inside. We need to ask people for specific jobs for helping. We don't want volunteers to be burned out. Sign up for 2 hour shifts? 
Sunday Pancake breakfast - Big Jim will be helping with pancakes for the Cache Bash. Do we need to go Mega for the pancake breakfast? Last year we had over 400 people attending. If possible, we should get more people volunteering. Renee will contact Groundspeak about making it a Mega event. 
More fruit and coffee, sausage and pancakes were good.

Not a lot of member feedback, which could be a good thing. It seems well-received. Contests? Promote different events and things back to the website. 

TB Race-
It was nice to sell the cachekinz to send out with the TB race. They are cheaper than tags from Groundspeak, which is nice for the members, and it is a fundraiser for the WGA. Keep the rules the way that they are. Get the name on the hauler by the campout.

WGA Store Discussion
We can only have our store open so many days per year so that we can keep our status of non-profit. We can discuss with Curly Girls/Lisa. Shipping is the difficulty for opening up the store. We need to work on this as soon as the Cache Bash is over. Rob is going to investigate shipping and make sure that we get the needed information on shipping to our webmaster. Becca is going to talk between everyone and make sure that everyone has the information that they need. If all works out to open the store for pre-Christmas sales there will be a packing party in the Milwaukee area.

WGA Photo Gallery Update/ Discussion
Chris has been changing the photos in the gallery. Brian seemed appreciative of someone else helping make the change to the website. It is nice to have different pictures, people are feeling connected to the website. Be mindful of photo aspect ratio. Possibly once a month to change the photos.

WGA sponsored Meet and Greets across the state- low key events.
We should try and get out to areas with less events. We should contact people from different parts of the state to see if they would like assistance and possibly sell merchandise. Each of us needs to see what we can do about bringing things and including more membership. We want to include more members from all over the state. Pete talked about holding an event in Waupaca because there are some long-time cachers up there. August can look into this more?

Marriage Encounter Workshop-
July 11 in DePere
Request for help on website. Details on website. This will be on the Education Committee so they will discuss this further.

Cafe Press discussion
The store has been closed as it hasn’t been updated in many years. The WGA never made any money from Café Press so we don’t see the need to continue it.
Discuss BOD length of terms, from 2 to 3 years.
Discussing how we want to change over the terms. Do we want to stagger it so 3 positions are up every year? Do we want to change people's current term? Do we want to make future changes or change the terms that are currently held? This will be discussed more in depth in the forums and investigated. The following is our current by-law regarding BOD length of term.

Article IV: Board of Directors
Terms: A Board Member's term in office shall be approximately two years, with the newly elected board members term to begin at the annual board meeting held following the election. New board members will have immediate access to the restricted areas of the WGA website upon election, but should refrain from resolution votes until the start of their term at the annual board meeting. Terms will be arranged so that approximately half of the Board positions will be up for election each year. Board Members may be re-elected. Individuals elected to fill vacancies will serve the remainder of the standard term of office.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM.


WGA Members have voted on and chosen six exceptional geocaches in the February Cache of the Month contest. You can nominate your favorite caches in the March Cache of the Month.


February 2014 Northern Zone   Wicked Wanda's GeoCastle  

Comments on this choice:

  • "Holy cow! What a wonderful cache. It's hard to imagine the amount of time that went into creating it."
  • "This cache is one of our favorites. It is very clever - very well constructed with fun twists to get a smiley from Wicked Wanda."
  • "The workmanship in the cache itself is really cool. It amazes me the gadget caches that are out there--who thinks of this stuff!!!"
  • "I really enjoy gadget caches and always am awed by the attention to detail and effort creating them as this one is a very god example."
  • "Amazing puzzles/challenges just to enter cache! WCD's creativity on display - he makes caching so much fun."
  • "Part of WoodCarverDan's excellent gadget cache series! Each is a work of art, and very challenging. Wanda's Geocastle took all our brain cells to figure out...if you are Up North, you must try this one and all the others!"
February 2014 Northeast Zone   A Hole in One  
February 2014 West Central Zone   IATCC-Dells of the Eau Claire  

Comments on this choice:

  • "Great Pot Holes!"
  • "We love EarthCaches for the very reason this one earned a favorite point from us.....spectacular scenery along a nice hike and a geology lesson that helped us understand that scenery better."
February 2014 South Central Zone   Elephant Trunk Rock  
February 2014 Southeast Zone   Take a Deep Breath  

Comments on this choice:

  • "Just a exceptionally built cache and fun to figure out how to open. Nice theme for it's location too! Well done."
  • "Very cool idea, made us work for the find."
  • "Very Creative and Fun!"
  • "This cache was so unique and different. We had a lot of fun trying to figure this one out. I would definitely recommend doing this cache."
  • "Awesome design and fun to complete!"
  • "Seriously, this is the best cache ever. Creative, ingenious, fun for the whole family!"
  • "Need to use your head to make something happen."
February 2014 Series of the Month   80s One Hit Wonders Mega Event Series  

Comments on this choice:

  • "Varied caches and waypoints in a great park for walking and exploring."
  • "What can I say? This guy takes pride in his caches and it shows in this series. A must do."
  • "This series has a wide breadth of creative hide types. You can tell tons of work and attention to detail went into it. The county park where they are hidden is fantastic!"
  • "Containers, containers, containers...Oh, and "waypoints"!"


The West Bend area will be having other large events bringing masses of people the same weekend as the 2014 Cache Bash, August 8-10.

If you need motel or campground reservations we strongly recommend that you reserve them now. They are filling up fast.

Earn a special Souvenir badge.

Calling all Geocache Makers (and folks who want to celebrate their favorite Makers) to host events to celebrate geocache creation and to inspire the next generation of geocache makers.

Anyone who logs an “Attended” at a registered Maker Madness event will earn a Maker Madness souvenir.

Who's in?

This may be a few months away but for those of you that are considering making camping reservations for the summer may find this interesting. This may be the perfect time to go looking for one (or more) of the new WGA State Park caches. From the Wisconsin DNR:

 MADISON - Save the dates for Free Fun Weekend, June 7-8, when Wisconsin residents and visitors alike can fish for free, hike or bike state trails for free, ride public ATV trails for free, and, new this year, enjoy free admission to state parks and forests on both days as well.

 New this year, all state park vehicle admission sticker fees on all DNR-owned properties are waived for both Saturday, June 7, and Sunday, June 8. Previously, the state park system's longstanding free open house was only the first Sunday in June; this year, vehicle admission fees have been waived for both the first Saturday and Sunday in June.

 "We're excited to add a second free day of admission to our state parks to make this truly a "free fun weekend," says Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp. "DNR is your gateway to the outdoors, and we want to open the door wide to everybody to enjoy our beautiful state and diverse recreation."

Saturday, February 1st, brought 31 cache teams to Mosquito Hill Nature Center near New London to celebrate another successful year of hunting "Lonelies" and rescuing caches.

Several attendees enjoyed the new caches placed by Woodland3000 and suziesumac, whether they drove or snowshoed to them! Our thanks to the ladies for volunteering to help host this annual WGA Event.

Socializing began at 1 PM, with awards and door prizes given out before 3 PM. The Top 10 players are as follows:

1) isjustus4 2) f1rebirds 3) Lacknothing 4) Hitman4 5) scott543 6) huffinpuffin2 7) rattledbox 8) Jomusky 9) jar42 10) Farklers

The WGA would like to thank all that attended, as well as the 68 cache teams that participated in 2013 to help keep quality caches in Wisconsin!


Back by popular demand, we are having our annual winter event in Title Town!

Join us on February 22nd at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay. The event and the building will be open from 10am until 3:30pm.

The WGA will be providing plenty of chili. Not too hot, but we'll have everything you need to make it as hot as you like. We'll also be providing hot beverages (coffee, tea and cocoa) as well as bowls, cups and utensils. The cost will be just $1 per bowl or if you like we will have hot dogs again for $1 each. The chili and hot dogs will be available starting around 11:00AM until 2:00pm or later if we have plenty left over.

We are asking participants to bring a dish to pass / share based on the first letter of their last name as follows:

 - Last name A-H: salad, fruit, and/or vegetables
 - Last name I-P: chips, pretzels, and/or snacks
 - Last name Q-Z: dessert or cookies

 If you like, you can hang out around the bonfire. There may be a few benches available, but you might want to bring your own lawn chairs.

 Meet The 2014 WGA Board - Newly elected members of the WGA Board of Directors will be announced in mid-February, and we expect most or all of them to be at the event. If you have any ideas / suggestions for the organization, this would be a good time to share them... the Board will having their annual "kickoff" meeting the next day.

There is a lot of activities at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Get more information on their website at

WGA membership is not required to attend this event. It is open to all geocachers.

The results are in after the conclusion of voting!

The 411 votes from 91 members that had been cast in the 2014 WGA Board of Directors election, ending on February 8th at 23:59 have been reviewed and are now the results have been certified. The following individuals have been elected to the Board.

2 YEAR TERMS (Ends February 2016)

  • Peter Quella
  • August Hopp
  • Valarie Butrymowicz
  • Steve Biedermann
  • Rob England


Election Details

These individuals will join or re-join current Board members Renee Vanselow-Tapp , Barry Butrymowicz, Rebecca Lillo, andChris Walker to form the 2014 WGA Board.

Note that per our bylaws, WGA officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) are not directly elected and instead are Board members that are selected and confirmed by the Board itself. Selection of officers should occur during the BOD meeting at the end of February.

The WGA would like to thank all the candidates who decided to run for the Board this year. All of the candidates were well qualified to serve on the Board and all would have done a great job and been an asset to the organization if elected. They all invested significant time and effort into running by explaining their viewpoints, describing their background, and answering questions in the Candidates Corner forum so that members could make an informed decision when it came time to vote.

Also, thanks to all the WGA members who spent time learning about the candidates, carefully considering the choices, and casting their votes. The involvement of members in this leadership selection process is crucial to the long-term success of the organization.

Complete Election Results

The number of votes each candidate received is shown in the list below, along with the percentage of all the votes cast (in parenthesis) and the percentage of members voting who selected that candidate (in square brackets).

  • Peter Quella 80 (19%)
  • August Hopp 73 (18%)
  • Valarie Butrymowicz 60 (15%)
  • Steve Biedermann 56 (14%)
  • Rob England 47 (11%)
  • Rich Bronson 44 (11%)
  • Will Church 36 (9%)
  • Kelso Gonzalez 15 (4%)

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